The Cure

The Cure Wants You On Their Guest List!
12/07/04 | Posted by CURE:ROBERT

Round One July 9th at 7p EST
Round Two July 19th at 7p EST

"Amnesty International stands for all that is fair and just in this world. The rights thattoo often we take forgranted can too quickly be taken away. Through Amnesty International,each individual's voice becomes amplified into a loud chorus of protest over injustice and a rousing celebration of human dignity. I am proud to lend my voice to the call for human rights and urge you to speak out as well by joining Amnesty International today".
-Robert Smith of The Cure

The Cure are currently touring the US and want you on their guestlist! Each winner will receive two guest listspots, two "meet and greet" passes and asigned copy of thebands latest CD, selftitled, The Cure.