The Cure

12/01/05 | Posted by CURE:ROBERT
Razor Cuts, 23rd of January, 8-10pm. Robert will be picking the records on Razor Cuts in the final hour this week and talking Pete Mitchell throug...
07/12/04 | Posted by CURE:ROBERT
Robert Smith recently joined blink-182 onstage to perform, "All of This" from the self titled blink-182 album. They also performed a version of "B...
30/11/04 | Posted by CURE:ROBERT
The Cure's debut album from 1979 has been newly released worldwide as a Deluxe Edition. It will be out in the U.S. December 7th.
29/11/04 | Posted by CURE:ROBERT
Watch the Cure on the following TV appearances in Germany:

Broadcast date: 18th December (performance of "Taking Off"...
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